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Sample Stockfish Reviews of Norwegian Dried Cod Fish:

Best deal ever 5 Star Review

This is the best way to buy stock fish, hands down, hassle free. And free shipping too, wow! - Dr. Jenkins, Beverly Hills, MI

Amazing quality 5 Star Review

Amazing quality! Some of the best stockfish I have ever eaten. Deep, rich taste, made brandade de morue with this, the best I have ever eaten and I travel to Provence twice a year. Cannot wait to make family recipes with this Stoccafisso! Yes, I am Italian and we love stockfish! I highly recommend to beat the dried fish with a wooden mallet prior to soaking, this helps open the fish up to re-hydration. Soaked for 4-5 days changing water at minimum 3 times daily. Buon Appetito! - Alfonso Bragalone, WA, USA

Just as advertised

"Today I came home and found long box on garage table, long box means WHOLE stockfish (10 lbs), not cut. I opened the box and there they were, all 7 of them about same size, they smell wonderful and my journey is over, this is the place to order from if you want whole stockfish. I will decide when, if and how to cut my fish and what parts to use in a recipe of my choice. The ritual of preparing Christmas eve dish will go on and tradition lives on. I ordered whole stockfish and I received 7 whole stockfish, each fish in one piece, as produced in Norway. Thank you." - V. Kosta, CA, USA

Excellent 5 Star Review

The most excellent product I've seen as a Chef. And, at a great price. I highly recommend this product. - Kathryne B., San Francisco, CA

Excellent product, speedy service 5 Star Review

Delivery day was a big surprise to us because my husband was skeptical about buying this stockfish online. The product came in about a day or two after we placed order. Then the product is nothing but excellent. My husband says it is the best deal I have ever got online. - Oluwakemi O., Illinois, USA

The best stockfish (dried cod fish)... 5 Star Review

This is not my first time ordering ... I encourage anyone who likes Egusi, Vegetable soup to make sure this stockfish is part of the cooking. - Nkechi, Houston, Texas

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Buy Stockfish (dried cod fish) - No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months ...

You have the choice:  Pay now in full as you Checkout with Paypal, or with Authorize using your credit card or debit* card, but you also have this option ...No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 monthson purchases of $169.99 or more from Stockfish Express.Enjoy No Payments and No Interest if paid [...]

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Stockfish - Dried Cod Fish from Stockfish Express featured at HISTORICAL VIKING EXHIBIT

Tastiest Best stockfish from Stockfish Express featured at historical Viking Exhibit  during 2011 'Military Through The Ages' in the state of Virginia March 19-20, thanks to R. Rambo!

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Norway: World Famous Norwegian Dried Cod Fish - Stockfish from Norway

The Stockfish StoryThe Story behind Stockfish   Norwegian Stockfish Norwegian Stockfish is world famous for its great quality and high grade. Good quality stockfish demands correct weather and temperature. In Lofoten these conditions occur at the same time as the winter cod arrives the spawning grounds. Traditionally the drying period in Lofoten is from early March to [...]

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HAPPIEST countries - Is yours one of them?

HAPPIEST COUNTRIES And does stockfish have anything to do with it? You betcha! Yes, NORWAY tops the list of happiest countries. No way, you may say. YES, really - Norway!!! Definitely one of the most 'stockfishticated' countries. (Follow link below for FULL STORY.) http://www.forbes.com/2011/01/19/norway-denmark-finland-business-washington-world-happiest-countries_slide.html

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