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Stockfish: Banga Soup Recipe



- 1Kg assorted parts of meat (shaki, cow leg/foot, kpomo, beef)

- 1 medium or large Stockfish

- 1 big dry fish

- 6 medium size snails (washed with lime or alum)

- 2-3kg Oil palm nuts (banga)

- 1 Cooking spoon ground crayfish

- 3 teaspoon dry pepper

- ½ teaspoon Atariko seed (ground)

- ½ teaspoon Beletete (crushed)

- 1 tablespoon Dried bitter leaves(crushed)

- Okra (optional)

- 1 milk tin periwinkles (shelled)

- Salt

- 2 cubes seasoning of choice


What you do

Wash the already cut cow leg, season and cook until tender. Pour out the stock(cow leg

stock are thick and sticky and can spoil the texture of your soup when added to your



Cook all meat parts together and set aside. You may choose to bake/broil your meat.

Wash dry fish with salt and soak in hot water to remove sand. Wash snail with alum and set


Cut up your stockfish into smaller pieces. Put stockfish in a pot, add water and cook until tender.


Put the oil palm nuts/fruits in a pot, add water and cook until tender. When done take out

the palm fruits while still very hot (it is easier to extract the concentrate when nut is very

hot) put in a mortar and pound until the nuts is separated from the shafts/skin. Gather everything in a bowl or pot add water, mix thoroughly and strain into a clean pot. Place

pot on the burner and allow to boil. Heat up the extracted banga concentrate until it

starts to thicken.


Add the sorted meat, snail, periwinkle, dry fish and stockfish, atariko to the banga

concentrate and cook for about 20minutes or until the soup thickens. Add the dry bitter

leaves and beletete, cook for 2 minutes, add crayfish, salt, cubed seasoning and allow to



Remove from heat and serve with fufu, eba or cooked starch.



* Recipes compliments to Nigeriagalleria.com