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Stockfish: Okra Soup Recipe




- 500g fresh okra (sliced and pounded

- 1.5 Kg assorted meat (beef, kponmo, cowleg)

- 1 medium stockfish (cut into small sizes)

- 1 medium size dry fish (thoroughly washed)

- 1 cup periwinkles(shelled)

- 2 cooking ground crayfish

- 6 fresh peppers(chilies)

- 2 medium onions

- 4 medium bunch pumpkin leaves (Ugwu)

- 2 maggi/knor cubes

- 3 cooking spoonful palm oil

- Salt to taste


What you do

Wash the ugwu/pumpkin leaves thoroughly with plenty of water, slice into thin strips and

add chopped onion and set aside.

Wash the meat and place in a large pot. Add 1 onion chopped, 2 pepper chopped, salt

and 2 maggi/knor cubes. Cook until tender. Wash and boil stockfish until tender. Wash the

dry fish with salt and soak in boiling water for 5 minutes to kill any insect and loosen any

sand. Rinse thorough with lots of cold water.

Add the stockfish, dry fish and periwinkles to the meat and cook for 10 more minutes,

add some water if necessary. Add the crayfish, palm-oil and 2 maggi/knor cubes, salt and

remaining pepper, stir and cook for 10 minutes.

Add the sliced okra and cook for 3-5 minutes(Note: once the okra is added remove the lid

from the pot. Covering the pot will reduce the thickness of the okra).

Finally add the shredded ugwu/pumpkin leave. Mix in properly. Allow to simmer for 3 minutes,


Remove from heat and serve hot with fufu, eko, garri, or eba.

Note: Ugwu/pumpkin leaves are very tender vegetables and should not be cooked for





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