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What is Stockfish

Fish dried hard in the open air without salt.

Stockfish has long since been considered one of Scandinavia's largest exports. It is also best known to be one of the richest sources of protein with the important B-vitamins, iron and calcium.

Stockfish is caught in the course of a few winter months, cleaned and immediately hung to dry on drying racks. Pure air and the cold winter’s climate make for a unique process that without a doubt consumes the least energy in the world.

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Stockfish is popular in Italy, West Africa, Greece, Spain, and lots of Spanish-speaking countries where it is used in many dishes and soups.  There are many "Ways" to prepare a tasty Stockfish dish: The Brandada Way, The Spanish Way, and The Burrida Way. Other popular dishes include: Stockfish Bolognese, Egusi Soup, and Okra Soup plus many more.

The Bakweri people, for instance, who are a fishing people of Cameroon in West Africa use Stockfish in flavoring their palm nut or ''Banga'' soup, which is eaten with a cocoyam pudding called ''kwacoco''.

The name Okporoko for dried cod or Stockfish, among the Igbo of Nigeria refers to the sound the hard fish makes in the pot and literally translates as that which produces sound in the pot.

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